Association of Major Power Customers of BC
AMPC - Association of Major Power Customers of BC

Here is what our members are saying about AMPC.....

"AMPC has been a great forum to meet other industrial customers – very different industries have a lot in common related to electricity supply (BC Hydro, BCUC, Energy Policy, etc.)…we have learned a great deal from the other members.  It is also hard to tackle everything, all the time – having a resource and a voice that can work on our behalf is very helpful.”

"We appreciate the leadership that AMPC has taken on Mandatory Reliability Standards and it provides a tangible example of the benefit it can provide for all ratepayers."


AMPC Members

AMPC members are major industrial electricity consumers  in the Pulp and Paper, Solid Wood/Other Wood Products,  Mining, Electrochemical and Petrochemical sectors within B.C. Several AMPC members have facilities at multiple locations, some of which would be considered large commercial or small industrial. Various  AMPC members have significant cogeneration and renewable generation facilities.

Benefits of Membership

Bottom line investment with the aim to achieve energy cost savings

AMPC provides the avenue to represent industrial interests in regulatory proceedings and electricity  policy matters. Through participation in these proceedings, AMPC has been able to achieve electricity  cost savings that affect your business' bottom line.


Electricity  issues can be complex. AMPC provides ongoing information and communication and support to its members on electricity  issues that affect your business.

Stronger voice

With AMPC's united stance, industrial interests are  better represented resulting in a stronger voice on issues relating to electricity policy.

To Find Out More

To learn more about membership, please contact AMPC