Association of Major Power Customers of BC
AMPC - Association of Major Power Customers of BC


Order in Councils and Directions Relevant to Industrial Electricity Rates in BC

Revenue-cost ratio - Order in Council No. 405 (July 14, 2015)

TMP Program - Order in Council No. 404 (July 14, 2015)

F2017, F2018 and F2019 rates - Direction No. 7 to the BCUC, BC Reg 28/2014 (section 9)

Regulatory Submissions by AMPC

BC Hydro 2015 Rate Design Application

AMPC is participating in BC Hydro's workshops and engagement for the upcoming 2015 Rate Design Application that is expected to be filed in September 2015.

Industrial Electricity Policy Review

AMPC is participating in the Province’s review of British Columbia’s industrial electricity policy.  As part of the process AMPC has made the following stakeholder submissions to the panel.

AMPC’s March 27, 2013 submission

AMPC’s April 19, 2013 submission

AMPC’s May 16, 2013 submission

BCUC Generic Cost of Capital (Project No. 3698660)

Final Submission on behalf of AMPC and CEC dated February 15, 2013.

BCUC Inquiry into the BC MRS Program (Project No. 3698691)

AMPC’s January 31, 2013 submission provides a summary of AMPC’s recommendations followed by:

  1. an overview of AMPC’s general concerns regarding MRS standards and how they are administered in BC

  2. a discussion of the recent MRS changes in the U.S. and the desirability of moving quickly, where there is a general consensus, to be consistent with FERC Order 773; and

  3. responses to the Commission’s three “Straw Dog” documents.

AMPC’s May 30, 2013 Final Submission recommends the Inquiry does the following:

  1. Confirm the desirability of adopting the revised FERC/NERC definition of the Bulk Electric System (BES) as soon as possible.

  2. Adopt FERC/NERC rules for transition to the new BES.

  3. Direct that the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) must (i) include technically qualified representatives of load customers and independent power producers (IPP) and (ii) make it clear to all that Committee members must make TAC decisions in the interests of overall system reliability and efficient operations and not simply vote a party position.

  4. Recognize that MRS penalties must reflect a new and complex system of compliance.

BC Hydro 2012 CPCN-Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission Project (Project No. 3698640)

Based on the application and its review, AMPC’s August 2, 2012 final written submission identified three issues:

  • The approach to customer contributions for major transmission projects varies geographically within B.C. and is not based on a principled approach. AMPC members anticipating new transmission service in the future expect to face a contribution requirement that the new DCAT customers do not – this is unfair.

  • All AMPC members will also pay higher electricity rates because DCAT Project costs are higher than they would be if customer contributions were required.

  • The full DCAT Project is also potentially oversized, given the fact that customer contributions could cause customers to choose natural gas fired compression instead of electric drive compression.

AMPC therefore submits that the CPCN should be denied pending a revision of TS 6.